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Checking the temperature of my pump

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  • Checking the temperature of my pump

    I am concerned about my pump possibly running hot. Is there a specific location I should be targeting with my IR gun?

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    I often have customers telling me their pump may be running hot. To which I respond, how hot does it normally run? Few can tell me the answer objectively. Often people assess the operation of their hydraulic system in this subjective manner. Time should always be spent trying to objectively define what is normal, then you would know if something is abnormal. (i.e. normal temp 135F, today it is running 165F)
    As far as to where you take a reading on a pump, it is more in-partitive that you take it in the same way and the same place, in order to evaluate correctly. Often I will take a picture with a target drawn on the pump with a paint stick, take my reading always 12" from the target and pointing straight at it (not on an angle). Many other variable good be discussed as to where exactly on the pump (very dependent on the type of pump, gear, vane or piston) Consider also the type of oil and seals in the component when evaluating.
    Hope this helps