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Hydraulic synch error

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  • Hydraulic synch error

    Here is a little hydraulic motion control topic for you guys.
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    Today Sunday, the Hood Canal bridge opening control system failed.
    To allow marine traffic, (a lot of US Navy vessels) pass trough the floating bridge, it has a system that works by lifting a 300 ft long segment or draw span, of the bridge, and then slide another "300" segment under the lifted part. The bridge has two identical 300ft draw spans, which allows for a maximum 600ft opening. (Mostly used to relief anchor and structural stress during a strong tide and storm combination)

    I do not know if the system failed to lift the segment synchronized or lower it synchronized, but it is still a failure. I do know if they use linear hydraulic actuators.
    Marine vessel going through.

    This must be a pretty simple system but most likely without the closed loop feedback system, since the bridge segment was allowed to end up so uneven.
    Design error and/or operator error it still is. If it is a design error to not be able to control this to move synchronized, some DOT responsible did not know what he was doing when he ordered the design about 8-9 years ago. Bridge draw span remodel was finished 2007-2008-ish.
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    Human error since one of the 4 valves was left closed...


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      Originally posted by akkamaan View Post
      Human error since one of the 4 valves was left closed...
      Why would it be designed to accommodate human error?