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Oil Filtration ?????

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  • Oil Filtration ?????

    I am re-purposing an old forklift mast as a stationary lift. It is now automated including a proportional valve to control the travel rate (starts slow .. speeds up ... slows toward end of lift).

    I am now plumbing the unit. I need to add a filter. The original circuit used a simple spin on filter in the return line. I was about to do the same thing. I choose a Baldwin filter with a 99.9 (Beta 1000) rating of 10.

    Now I am reading that my other option would be to put a filter right after the pump.

    I just can't find a clear answer as to when to use which one! A filter after the pump protects everything after the pump ... even the proportional valve ($300) if the pump fails. On the other hand a filter in the return line picks up any contamination picked up in the system before it gets to the tank ( and thus picked up by the pump ).

    Spin on filter .... $45 cartridge + $75 mount. Pressure filter ... $60 cartridge + $400 housing

    The two valve manufactures I am using say 1) (Parker) ISO Code 16/13 ... SAE Class 4 or better 2) (Brand) 10 micron or better

    Any advice ????

    Thanks .... Mike

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    The pump is the part of a hydraulic system that produces most metal fragments from wear....
    I think it has always been the common procedure to use "high-pressure" filtration just downstream the pump in high-pressure systems, and upstream high precision servo and pilot valves etc. in any system. Of course in combination with a low-pressure return filter just upstream the reservoir.