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I have been away for a long time.

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  • I have been away for a long time.

    I got so much xxxxxxxx from the H&P forum I have stayed away from the this and the LinkedIn forum.
    I am a moderator on a Chines forum
    on the left side and near the top but below the ads you can see 版主: PEN. You can use google translate to translate the Chinese characters.

    I didn't ask to become a moderator and even said my Chinese is not good enough but I am still a moderator by default. No one wants the job and I am the only one that knows a lot about servo hydraulic controls.

    On the average the Chinese are just as clueless as people in North America but they are much more respectful.
    I have met with many of the professors and competitors at hydraulic trade shows in China so they know who I am and I know who they are.
    There are a few people that seem to know hydraulics and have some experience with hydraulic servo controls.

    In China they have many more universities and instructors teaching hydraulics but they don't go very deep into control.

    The problem with universities is that many of the professors don't have enough practical experience.

    My forum is pretty quiet too. Actually I like it this way because if people have questions about our motion controller that means our documentation is not clear. The questions I like to see are application questions but many people are reluctant to give away what they are trying to do. We have a few customers that are doing some pretty unique applications.

    Just about all the private space companies use our controllers for testing or even moving rocket gantries.

    Meanwhile, the prediction that hydraulics is dying is premature. Our business is still growing but now 45% of our business is export. This has required many trips to China, Japan, Korea, NZ and AU. NZ and AU simply don't have the population or industry that CN does.

    I would post here more often if I though anybody really wanted to learn something. I am not about to go through the xxxxxxxx that occurred on the H&P forum.

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    Wow, this forum is dead.
    I am still moderator on a Chinese forum. The Chinese forum has been getting quiet too but there seem to be many more people interested in hydraulic servo control there than here. The Chinese are very reluctant to ask question unless they have a dire need.
    Our forum is at
    It is mostly about hydraulic motion control using our products but there is a design section that I post in.
    I also have a simple hydraulic servo simulator that I have written in Python.


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      Hey Peter. Yeah, I guess we need to get the word out there better. The H&P forum was pretty active, but could be toxic at times.


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        It seems there are always 10 people or bots viewing but never writing.


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          Hey, I missed you at the Fluid Power Technology Conference! Don't you visit the trade shows anymore?


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            Originally posted by JoshCosford View Post
            Hey, I missed you at the Fluid Power Technology Conference! Don't you visit the trade shows anymore?
            I don't like the format of that conference so I didn't go. It is just a bunch of people talking about their products. Only one or two people ever care about hydraulic servo control. These people can be reached in more targeted ways.

            I would prefer there be a panel or debate about how to solve problems posed by a moderator. Perhaps let the audience writes questions that a moderator chooses.
            I don't care about seals or hoses and the other stuff they talk about unless it is relevant to servo hydraulic control. If someone brought up hoses I would like to ask about the capacitance of the hose per foot or meter. This is relevant to calculating the natural frequency when there is hose between the valve and the cylinder. If someone mentioned seals, I would like to know about seal friction and what and how the seal friction changes under different conditions. The presentations are mostly fluff. I want stuff I can use.