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What's New at the Shanghai PTC 2017 show.

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  • What's New at the Shanghai PTC 2017 show.

    Actually, things haven't changed that much. We share space in our distributor's booth. One of their displays was a hybrid servo cylinder that was controlled by a RMC75E. The actuator would come down on a light bulb and not break it. The actuator was repeatable to within 2 microns. The other display that caught people's eye was auto leveling. This is for press control so the sum of forces would reach the command force but the sum of torques would be 0. This keeps the press from skewing should the load be unequal. There are a few Chinese press manufacturers that have got this working using our controller.

    The Chinese hydraulic forums are much more active but much is just advertising and bickering back and forth. What is truly amazing is Chinese wechat. I tuned up that hybrid servo actuator and the distributor took a video and posted on wechat. Without 2 hours the distributor had a commitment to buy the press. Another came in the following day before the show.

    The show was very busy the first 3 days. The 4th day is a short day so the only people walking around were other exhibitors.

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    Hi Peter:

    Insightful as always!