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Hybrid tech in the logging machines

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  • Hybrid tech in the logging machines

    A logging harvester with a harvester head has a high intensity but intermittent draw of power from its diesel engine. The chainsaw can use 200-300HP at a peak moment. So can the roller feeders.
    This Finnish manufacturer, LogSet, have launched the biggest wheel harvester so far, with a "hybrid" system. It is an electric motor that kicks in to support the diesel engine when (the hydraulic system) more than 50% of diesel engines capacity is needed. The article does not reveal any details about the system design. I assume that eventually supercapacitors are used, and there seems to be no regeneration of power, so the diesel engine must be charging the "batteries" when less power is needed. The machine has a 300hp engine and the electric motor can output 240hp over a short time (a few seconds I assume). According to LogSet they save up 25% fuel with the system. over 6 years and 20000hrs that calculate to approx 10000us gallons
    In Europe diesel cost around $6 per gallon for commercial use.......
    Logset launches two new harvester models to the 8-wheeled GTE range, 10H GTE and 12H GTE Hybrid. The new models are the biggest harvesters ever built at Logset. The new harvesters are designed for economical harvesting of large forest areas and efficient processing of big timber volumes. The largest Logset harvesters ever complete the GTE harvester range